CMVision´s Culture is a concrete conception of Playing and Coaching pursuing to respond Modern Football Demands. It is inspired on particular paradigms´ proven results where performance, aesthetics and art appear as interconnected dimensions of Development, from which winning and success are consequences.

It is not possible to perspective this Culture without having a very concrete idea of playing, having a process, having one direction (not a destine), recognizing Tactical Dimension as its core, and that, if it is Tactical, it demands acCULTURATION.

What conception of playing, of player/person, of interacting process?

Football phenomenon itself demands always an interconnection between performance, aesthetics and art, which manifestation can be observed in top teams performances and playing patterns characteristics.

Answering the question How we want to play and why? has to consider a first look at the characteristics of what defines an elite team, as their patterns and morphologies are proven to be more prone to enhance Collective and Individual Talent, despite the level we find.

Of course, as Players impart another key element, How we want to Play is also built also from and for their characteristics and qualities.

The reinvention of Thinking ahead, improvising and technically developed individuals is something that Modern Football demands, now, more than ever.


By conceptualizing a Specific interaction and symbiosis between  Playing Morphology(ies) and technically developed players,, this Culture approaches an interacting process  where it is possible to shape and refine certain concrete dynamics and sub dynamics of playing in order to enhance the required  collective and individual performance we aim to achieve.

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